The AJ Podcast—The Spooky Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident

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In February 1959 in Russia, nine young ski tourers failed to return from an expedition to the Ural Mountains. Weeks and months later, when searchers finally found their bodies, the evidence—their tent, manner of dress, footprints in the snow, and strange injuries—didn’t come close to offering a logical explanation. After 64 years, the mystery has only deepened. Did the KGB kill them? Was it a Russian weapons test gone awry? UFOs? In this week’s Adventure Journal podcast, we try to solve the eerie case of the Dyatlov Pass event.


0:00 Spooky Season
4:33 The Dyatlov Pass Story
54:47 Recap
57:47 The Theories
1:11:21 The UFO Angle
1:18:47 Closing Thoughts


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