The AJ Podcast—Apple Ultra + Smartwatches

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Tech that can replace your tech? Yeah. In this episode, Stephen Casimiro and Justin Housman are joined by Jackson Casimiro to answer the question: Is the Apple Watch Ultra a true adventure watch? Is it just an adventure watch? Or something more? Can it supplant a phone on daily adventures? Listen to find out, plus thoughts on how to make the most of the Ultra's capabilities, the role of tech in the backcountry and lots more.


0:00 Introduction
4:37 Our Watch Collection
7:44 Stats about Tech
12:01 Why the Ultra Changed Everything
20:05 What's New on the Series 2
21:18 Can it reduce your phone use?
34:58 Navigation on the Watch
45:36 The Elevator Pitch for Smartwatches


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