The AJ Podcast—Is Backpacking Overrated?

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From the 1970s on, backpacking reigned supreme. Every outdoor person backpacked, or so it seemed. In a 2012 AJ poll, readers told us they preferred backpacking to car camping 9 to 1. But in the last decade, something changed. Car camping rebranded itself as overlanding and was suddenly cool.

Today, backpacking seems to have lost its vibe. But has it? In this episode of the Adventure Journal podcast, we’re taking a stand on a pursuit loved by millions. Is backpacking overrated? Underrated? Let’s go down this trail and see where we end up.

0:00 Our First Backpacking Trips
8:57 Colin Fletcher: The Birth of Modern Backpacking
23:30 Ray Jardine: Backpacking Goes Ultralight
33:56 Is Backpacking Overrated?
56:54 Conclusion

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