THE AJ PODCAST— What are the Best Big Cities for Adventure?

On today’s episode, we’re going to start off with some news about Aspen Skiing Co. looking for unsanctioned ski instructors in their resort, and then chat about some gear. Our main topic is about the best big cities for access to adventure. And we finish it off with some disagreements in another round of overrated/underrated.

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0:00 New Variety Format
2:43 Aspen Skiing Co. Looking For Underground Instructors
12:55 Gear: Bikes and Boots
25:07 The Best Big Cities for Adventure
1:03:54 Overrated/Underated
1:09:18 Outro


🛒 Kona Single Speed Bike:

🛒 Patagonia Boots:

Cities Reference:

Trivia Sources:

Bike Shops:

Snowiest City:

City Parkland:

Aspen Skiing Article:


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