The Natural Beauty of Natural Bridges National Monument

You'd think Natural Bridges National Monument's primary draw would be the three natural stone bridges in the monument, and, sure people flock to see those, but it's the inky black skies that really draw the oohs and ahhs. Natural Bridges was the first International Dark Sky Park and it only takes one moonless night to see why. Remote, in southeastern Utah, the air is clear and crisp, the lights very far away, and the stars seemingly close enough to grab and put in your pocket. But of course, there are Owachoma, Kachina, and Sipapu, the natural bridges, and plenty of ancient ruins left behind by the Pueblo people to draw your eye. 

You'll want to visit in the fall, when temperatures dip below scorching and the side canyons aren't prone to monsoon flooding. Don't forget to look up when it gets dark. 

Video and photo courtesy More Than Just Parks. 

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