Why Did Craig Kelly Die In An Avalanche?


Craig Kelly wasn't just one of the best and most important snowboarders to have lived, the boarding pioneer and four-time world champion was particularly cautious when it came to snow safety. It was one of the most important messages he shared with his fans, and as he pursued his goal of becoming a splitboard mountain guide, he was finely attuned to risks buried in the snowpack. So, why did he die in British Columbia avalanche?

The question haunted Kelly's friend and occasional travel companion, journalist Eric Blehm—so much that Blehm devoted himself to solving the mystery, which led to his new book, The Darkest White, available now.

On this week's Adventure Journal podcast, we sat down with Blehm to take a deep dive into the book, Kelly's life, and the hard-to-answer questions of Kelly's death. You're gonna want to listen, below.

You can also read Blehm's profile of Kelly in the winter 2023 issue of Adventure Journal, AJ31, which you can buy here.


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