The AJ Podcast—Local Adventures with Alastair Humphreys

 Alastair Humphreys has ridden a bike around the world and rowed a boat across the Atlantic. But you know what gets him really pumped? Adventuring locally. His new book, "Local," is all about taking a year to explore every bit of his run-of-the-mill English suburb. He finds more wildness than you'd expect and learns the power of simple observation. We jam with Al about all things local and how we too can make the familiar strange.

0:00 Introduction
2:00 Welcome Alastair
10:17 The Book's Project
24:56 A Stronger Connection to Local Land
29:07 Sitting Still for an Hour
33:12 Right to Roam
42:51 Tensions on the Land
52:33 Coffee!
56:03 Lessons from the Project
1:03:52 A Reading from the Book


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