Humbled By the Grand Canyon of the Colorado


This story comes to us courtesy of Mike Curiak, an accomplished adventure rider and canyon explorer who also has a knack for short, powerful trip reports. The kind of trip report that makes you wish you were pretty much anywhere other than in front of a computer, writing about his trip reports. Not that we're complaining. - Ed. 



That's roughly how big I feel whenever I get the chance to be humbled within the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

I literally leap at that opportunity every time it is offered. So far I've always found willing accomplices, but should the day arrive where solo is the only way it's gonna happen? Then that's exactly the way it's gonna happen.


We launched at the start of a cold snap that brought overnight temps in the 20's, as well as a few nights of snow down to the redwall. Frozen bottles and shoes every morning were welcome inconveniences to be savored, to remind us how lucky we were to be where we were.

Many short hikes were punctuated by a few extended versions, allowing us to experience some of the special places that lurk between river and rim.




Highlights of the trip included campfire cooking, deviceless time spent watching shadows transform walls, and sponging every iota of rock-talk that we could crowbar out of our resident geologist. This was my tenth trip down the Grand.  In some ways it was the best one yet.  I hope, hope, hope I have ten more in me.




Words by Mike Curiak. If you've ever considered having a set of custom wheels built for your mountain bike, Curiak's the guy to do it. Check out his website, lacemine29 for more info. 

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