Why Carbon Steel Pans Have Replaced Cast Iron In Our Camp Kitchen

Cast Iron pans are a ubiquitous part of camping lore. We love them, we do. But a couple years back I picked up a carbon steel pan for my home kitchen and liked it so much I decided to bring it camping. Now, it's all I use. 

Carbon steel and cast iron are similar in the sense they're naturally non-stick once they've been properly seasoned, they're nearly indestructible, they're safe for use over open flame, and they clean easily with water. Oddly enough, carbon steel actually contains more iron than a cast iron pan; carbon steel is 99% iron and 1% carbon, whereas cast iron is usually 97% iron and 3% carbon.

So why am I convinced carbon steel is the best pan for your camp kitchen? Check out the video below to find out. 

Words by Justin Housman / Video by Jackson Casimiro

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