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Adventure Journal Indeed

What Outside and Mountain Gazette aspire to be.

Adventure Journal 26
Mark Maxwell
Fantastic Issue

So many great articles.

Incredible hat

Looks great.

Great magazine. I wish I never ended the subscription a few years ago.

I was a subscriber from issue 1 and continued for a few years until the articles just didn’t resonate with me anymore. I continued to keep tabs via apple news on the content and recently resubscribed and purchased back issues because it seems the content has now become exactly what I have been looking for.

Why is there only seven reviews on here?

I've subscribed for a year now and can't wait for the second. If you love the outdoors and appreciate high quality stories, photography and material this was made for you and you won't be disappointed. (A side note, I really appreciate the few vegetarian camping recipes in every issue!)

Great hat

Love the simplicity and dadness

AJ #25: "Beautiful and Necessary"

I love the "point" behind this adventure on wheels/rails, and I'm looking forward to using it with my students to teach the idea that it's okay to do something for the "just because" of it!

Wide variety of adventures and inspiration

Wide variety of adventures and inspiration

I received a gift subscription, which I let lapse due to financial concerns. Now that I can afford it, I'm buying the issues I've missed until today, and then I'll kick in a subscription. I have read and re-read every issue I've got, and look forward to reading all the rest now, too.

The best companion for those who live and love adventure

Can't say enough about AJ. It's a magazine produced by my tribe and for my tribe. Beautifully designed. Thoughtfully written. Full of surprise. And to have something in printed form, where I can unplug from a screen and drift away to a far off place. Can't think of a better place to put my money.

Kick the KAREN's Too...

Looks very nice - sends great msg., but should included "KAREN" in the print...LOL !!

Adventure Journal 28
Wendy Morrison
Robbie Shone feature was stunning

I bought this edition solely for the Robbie Shone pics. (the rest of the journal turned out to be great too)
But chiefly I wanted it for my friend who is a caver and a photographer, who is working now for the same Rope Access firm Robbie used to, and last month moved into a room in Sheffield where it turns out Robbie also lived!
So I had to buy the Journal for him!

Adventure Journal 28
Brandon Bruce
Great articles and beautiful photos and artwork

It's a great day when I see Adventure Journal in my mailbox. I tend to read it cover to cover the day I receive it. The stories and imagery are of such high quality. I always finish the journal feeling stoked to get outside for the next adventure.

Adventure Journal 28
Andrew Eaton
Two thumbs up

Love it

Best Itom

I giving 5 star rating this product and recommend my friends.

Adventure Journal 25

Adventure Journal 28
jennifer dooms
Love the magazine

Great content, and photography. I like the recipes too. It’s a beautiful magazine.

Adventure Journal Subscription

Useful and fun reading. Gives me ideas about things I can do.

Just subscribe already!

I can't get enough AJ and when I realized my subscription lapsed hen I wasn't paying attention, I ordered the issue I missed as I renewed. I can't way enough good things about AJ. If you enjoy highly quality photography and writing about the outdoors, it doesn't get better than this.

Adventure Journal 28
Gunther Wagoner

Adventure Journal 28

Best Magazine I’ve Read Hands Down!!

Most magazines are slammed with “just okay” journalism and articles. Advertising takes a fair slice out of the pages as well, all leads up to a 6 or
Maybe level 7 for me.
AJ is a refreshing break from stayed and boring publishing with well written articles by the folks that partake and beautiful artwork and photography throughout.
I have already given a gift subscription before I have completed ✔️ my first issue.
I’m in, in a very big way!!
Well done guys simply stellar!!

Adventure Journal 28
Billy Morris

A gift for my alpinist son - he says he loves it!

Adventure Journal Subscription

Adventure Journal Subscription

Best Magazine Around

Seriously. I joined for AJ Issue #18 onward and my only regret is not having the first 17 issues.