Ever heard of regenerative publishing? Us neither, at least not until we started working with Eden Reforestation to plant a tree for every single product and copy we sell.

Traditional print publishing is shamefully wasteful. A typical monthly magazine expires after 30 days and goes in the trash or recycling bin. Publishers are lucky if they can sell more than 40 percent of the copies they put on newsstands and unsold copies are shredded and tossed. With AJ, our stories are evergreen and designed to entertain you for years—most subscribers collect theirs. We put very few copies on newsstands and any left unsold are returned to us so we can sell them at a discount to you.

But tree planting? Adventure Journal was the first magazine in North America to begin this practice back in 2017. With Eden, we have helped reforest parts of Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Haiti, Honduras, and Brazil. These are areas that have been stripped of their native vegetation by logging and wildfire, near communities that are typically impoverished and offer few opportunities for work.

Eden builds local teams in each country who hire their neighbors and create locally owned and operated nurseries, where fast-growing seedlings are grown. Workers are paid living wages, and Eden’s programs are stabilizing communities and helping people lift themselves out of poverty. In Madagascar alone, nearly 12,000 people are employed and almost a billion trees have been planted and protected.

We are thrilled to be a part of Eden’s work and grateful that readers like you support our efforts, which have planted more than 75,000 trees. Thank you!